The term "bio-acoustic" describes an efficient means of bird dispersal by broadcast species distress calls through loudspeakers, creating a 'hostile' environment.

These calls do not harm or endanger the birds being dispersed.




SCARECROW bio-acoustic bird dispersal systems are humane and inoffensive in their function, exploiting natural bird behaviour for their success.

The broadcast of distress calls, as part of an Integrated Bird Management Scheme, has proved effective for bird dispersal from airfields and surrounding areas. It is an essential part of flight safety and must be carried out efficiently to minimise Bird Strike risk to aircraft, their passengers and crew.

SCARECROW are acknowledged leaders in their field, producing digital audio storage systems of the highest technical standard. SCARECROW products are approved and used by major civil airports and in military aviation throughout the world, representing state of the art technology to fully meet the challenging task of Bird Strike Avoidance.

A new advanced MPEG layer 3 technology, designed to further improve the well established efficiency of SCARECROW PREMIER products, forms the basis of this product, comprising a digitally stored bird distress call system.

12v vehicle operation (24v operation available). Requires the addition of two loudspeakers. Standard distress calls included.

What is Ultima?

Ultima, a unique Tablet Computer controlled development from the well established vehicle based SCARECROW PREMIER bird dispersal system.

Operation is simplified by user selectable languages of English, French, German, Italian and Spanish; others can be specified to special order.

The 21cm (8.4”) touch screen can display a database of bird recognition information, including full screen illustrations to aid identification.

Ultima self-learns the routine of each Operator, also remembering, for example, prominent species present airside and the various sound levels previously used at GPS dependant airside locations.

Ultima establishes proof of dispersal procedures completed in real time, logging Operator, species, time and date; its inbuilt GPS function logs the vehicles airside position from which dispersal took place.

Ultima is a complete system, including roof mountable loudspeakers, Tablet mounting brackets, microphone for live announcements, back-up control unit and hot-pluggable USB flash drives to enable data captured to be transferred from the vehicle to the airfield analysis system for which audit software is provided.

The flash drive can also act as an identity key for each Operator, offering proof of their use and an audit trail of all processes to prove due diligence and to provide long term analysis of bird behavioural patterns.



SCARECROW BIO-ACOUSTIC SYSTEMS is perhaps the largest specialist and the acknowledged leader in bio-acoustic bird control technology, the reason why their products are ‘preferred’ by airport and airfield operators and at other strategic sites; anywhere that the presence of birds can present a safety or health hazard.

SCARECROW bio-acoustic bird dispersal systems are humane and inoffensive in their function, exploiting natural bird behaviour for their success. SCARECROW use naturally occurring bird distress calls, usually causing no noise intrusion or disturbance to humans.

SCARECROW PATROL represents an evolutionary development in bio-acoustic bird dispersal and control, designed for use anywhere that accurate and effective bird control is required – small airfields, beaches, at sea, landfill sites, bridge structures, public buildings, docks and harbours, fruit farms and agriculture, food processing and storage facilities, outdoor restaurants.

SCARECROW PATROL is fully portable, hand held, and contains nine digitally stored distress calls as detailed overleaf; species options can be included to special order. SCARECROW PATROL is completely self-contained, includes showerproof carrybag with a zipped compartment for spare batteries and is supplied with a comprehensive Operator’s Manual.

Each call is selected by a simple rotary switch; the benefits of digital storage are uniquely strengthened by the fact that each distress call is reproduced with excellent fidelity from its natural start.

In addition, SCARECROW PATROL can be used as a attention-getting ‘whistle’ and for ‘live’ voice messaging, with a range of up to 350 metres.

SCARECROW PATROL TWO is a development of the original SCARECROW product in use at civil and military airports, minimising birdstrike risk to aircraft and passengers for over 20 years, on offshore oil and gas installations, helidecs, and on ships in port, for all of which SCARECROW BIO-ACOUSTIC SYSTEMS has long experience.



A development of the new SCARECROW PREMIER 1209 MK3, this vehicle based digital bird dispersal system has the facility to function with laptop computer data event recording systems, yet still retains the important overriding human control element.

RS232 interface. Standard distress calls included.


The 1235 is the remote controllable version of the SCARECROW Premier 1500, enabling the system to be stowed under vehicle seats, etc.

All of the functions and advantages of the Premier 1500 are available, accessed from the hand held unit.


ONE-SHOT, a well researched and trialled bio-acoustic bird dispersal system using natural species distress calls to create an environment appearing ‘hostile’ to birds.

ONE-SHOT is intended for use anywhere that birds present a hazard to health and safety, or just plain nuisance; shopping precincts, malls, urban areas, parks, outdoor cafés, restaurants, food processing plants, warehouses.

ONE-SHOT is very effective in dispersing birds, is humane, inoffensive and does not endanger their lives. Importantly, natural bird distress calls played back at a natural sound level are not intrusive and often remain unnoticed in places where the public is present.

Proven technology, unique to SCARECROW, means that birds will not habituate to ONE-SHOT, programmed to play the distress calls of up to six urban bird species, sequence ‘shuffled’. Each call is of 45 seconds duration; a specific group of calls may be preselected from FERAL PIGEON, STARLING, HERRING & BLACK HEADED GULLS, ROOK AND JACKDAW.

ONE-SHOT is fully automatic and random play in use and will work 24 Hrs a day without human intervention. ONE-SHOT may be powered from 110V/235V ac mains supplies, or batteries fully maintained by Solar Panels or other recharging systems.

In addition to normal random timed playback ONE-SHOT can be set up to play when any movement is detected using the optional Infra Red sensor (P.I.R.).

A daylight sensor is also included and can be programmed to cancel the playback sequence from DUSK to DAWN.

ONE-SHOT incorporates facilities to beat even more bird dispersal challenges:

- Provision for species seasonal migration and roosting events; automatic and random playback dispersal sequences have been increased by the addition of easily selectable RE-INFORCE and SEVERE programmes for these periods.

- Provision to change the length of a species dispersal call broadcast; some birds take longer to respond than others, often changing with environments.

- Improved enclosure mounting security by use of concealed surface fixing.

All controls, which are pre-set on installation, are housed within the IP65 rated ONE-SHOT enclosure to which up to 4 loudspeakers can be connected, selected to suit their operational environment – for indoor use, fully weatherproof or explosion proof.

Because ONE-SHOT uses solid state digital technology there are no moving parts to maintain or replace, ensuring extreme reliability and long term high quality sound.

Since the selected loudspeakers can be cable connected to a distance of up to 20 metres from ONE-SHOT, we recommend that this is installed in an area inaccessible to the general public, using the secure mounting system supplied.