An automated bird control system that scares birds away by sweeping along runways and surroundings with a green laser beam. The scare-away is prorogued by the perception by birds of a stick blow coming towards.

The handheld bird repellent laser system.

The TOM500 Laser Bird Deterrent System
LORD is contributing to airport runway safety with the TOM500, a bird deterrent laser system originally developed for France Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC).

TOM500 is the only available system using a green laser beam. Extensive and comprehensive studies conducted on birds by DGAC's senior ornithologist specialized in bird strike demonstrate that the birds eye is mostly sensitive to the green color.

The TOM500 is an automated system that sweeps along runways with a green laser beam, thereby scaring birds away as these perceive a (laser) stick blow coming towards.

The Class 2M laser beam specifications ensure total eye safety.

The TOM500 features a built-in system of trajectory calculation. It can store up to 4 trajectories which may be executed in continuous, sequential or random mode.

The TOM500 has been tested for several years on various civil and military airports. No visual hindrance has been reported by pilots, whether during daytime or at night.

There is no birds habituation to this scare-away device.

One system has been tested for 2 years at Montpellier airport, France. No bird strike has been reported at the time the TOM500 was in operation.

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The LEM50 is the affordable, handheld bird deterrent laser system developed by LORD Ingénierie.

The LEM50 uses the same principle as the automated TOM500 system. Birds are scared away as they perceive - and actually see - a green (laser) stick blow rapidly coming towards them.

No birds habituation on the system has been observed for the two years the system has been tested on several airfields.

The LEM50 is rapidly becoming THE complement of choice to most airports bird control programs. Besides demonstrating unrivaled effectiveness, the LEM50 addition to your avian risk program also dramatically reduces your expenses for pyrotechnic ammunition... and noise nuisance, too.

Please contact us and see with us how you can challenge this new tool effectiveness on your airfield. The unit comes standard with 2 sets of batteries and a charger.

Please use the link below and view our reference list. These airports all are happy owners of our LEM50 Laser Bird Deterrent Torch..

Please click here for the user-manual of the LEM50.


Wave length:

532 nm




Beam diameter:

50 mm



333 mm

Laser power:

50 mW



60 mm


covers at least 1500m



720 g