Johnston Sweepers - the world’s leading manufacturer of outdoor surface cleansing equipment. From litter collection machines and compact sweepers to truck-mounted units and specialist vehicles, Johnston sweepers are designed for ease of use, outstanding performance and the lowest possible cost of ownership.

Airport Range

Johnston offers a range of vehicles specially designed for high-speed, high-performance sweeping of runways, taxiways and aprons.

Designed to meet military foreign object debris (FOD) pick-up criteria, Johnston Airport Sweepers can be specified to meet all military and civilian airside and landside sweeping requirements.

With a range of specialist applications including stand scrubbing, liquid pick up, rubber removal and high speed runway sweeping, the Johnston Airport Range provides high-speed, multi-task clearance of debris with minimum disruption.

Airport Applications

Multi Task Sweeping
Versatile, high performance machines designed to undertake a variety of airside cleansing tasks, Johnston's Multi-task airport sweepers' modular design enables you to specify a unit to meet your precise application.

High Speed Sweeping
Unique 'V-channels' guide debris to the centre of purpose designed, full-width brush assisted suction nozzles, which ensure close ground to hood clearance. This delivers outstanding runway, taxiway and apron sweeping at up to 40 km/h. The full width (2500mm) suction nozzles also enable accidental liquid spill & glycol recovery at up to 25,000sq. metres/hour.

Glycol/fluid recovery
2500mm full-width nozzle with twin asymmetric suction heads - laterally interlinked and flow-balanced - ensure superb fluid recovery..

Stand Cleaning & Scrubbing
2500mm wide full width nozzle and scrubbing brushes - together with a sophisticated detergent management & application system and high pressure surface wash-down facilities - ensure superb hard surface cleansing results. In addition, Johnston has developed a high pressure hot water system for efficient removal of grease and oil spills.

Rubber Removal
Water-based chemicals used with the built-in detergent management, surface scarification and high pressure water systems produce an environmentally-sound rubber removal solution.

Conventional Sweeping
The unit can carry conventional sweeping gear for general land and airside sweeping requirements.
Optional equipment includes:

* Detergent and chemical metering system. Ensures accurate control, minimising consumption and environmental impact.
* Full width magnet.
* High pressure hot water system.
* Side air blast nozzles.
* Runway landing zone rubber removal system.
* Twin side brushes and full width nozzles for a total sweeping and suction width of 3500mm.