Douglas SPD limited is a major player in the airport ground support equipment market with over 200 employees. Its products are designed and built for air- port use and Douglas SPD is dedicated to this market and understands the operating conditions and mainte- nance requirements. The MU-Meter is the word market leader with over 720 Units in service all around the world. The unit is fully approved by ICAO/FAA/CAAAND simi- Lar organizations throughout the world.

In 1989, the Company introduced its Douglas-Kalmar range of new technology towbarless aircraft handling tractors and has now become the world's foremost manufacturer with units in operation throughout Europe, Scandinavia, North America, Middle East, Africa, South East Asia and The Far East.

MU-Meter MK6

A dedicated airport machine designed for harsh conditions and 24 HR operation, with tow vehicle flexibility with no special installations or dedicated vehicles required. The system uses a Windows environment software fully PC compatible and supplied with all data transfer and user friendly analytical software offering computerized results in full CAA CAP683/ICAO/FAA format.

A tough case laptop with touch screen, Real Time graphical display and Operator / Vehicle Positioning Data.

Available with dry run and self wetting option.

Multi Aircraft Matrix Aquisition System
These are just a few examples of actual aircraft handling with RAM.

The RAM MAMS system can handle all current and envisaged helicopters and fighter aircraft. Including JCA (STOVL) and Chinook options
  • Advanced technology digital control with umbilical to ‘chest pack’operator module
  • Fully mapped traction management
  • Full Regenerative braking
  • Computer controlled and monitored battery management system
  • Huge potential range between charges
  • Digital ‘ramping’ for all acceleration and deceleration procedures to contain airframe loadings within manufacturer’s parameters

  • Incredibly low under and fuselage clearance capability designed to even accommodate aircraft with deflated tires and collapsed oleo legs including Lynx Mk8 and Sikorsky SH60 with full under slung radome
  • Operator umbilical control allows excellent visibility during interface with aircraft
  • Designed and built materials specified to ensure suitability for both land based and marine embarked operations

  • Designed to fit inside the aircraft foot print to ensure tightest possible aircraft parking density
  • Optional pavement / deck wire guidance system automates aircraft parking position process automates aircraft parking position process and eliminates possible aircraft damage when operating in tight clearance and adverse conditions such as marine embarked helicopters using small flight deck hangar doors in high sea states
  • Handles all current and proposed fighter aircraft and helicopters.