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PA 100 TH

Maintenance Platform


Playload on platform: 465 kg
Motion speed on the ground: 0 to 8 km/h
Low speed aircraft approach: 0 to 2 km/h
Admissible slope: 3%
Raising speed: 1 to 6 m/min
Retirement platform: 2260 mm
Available Engines:
Option Battery operated
Volkswagen Gaz
LombardiniI LDW2004
...Or equivalent

Dimensional Characteristics:

Minimum platform height: 1430 mm
Maximum platform height: 10000 mm
Working useful height: 12000 mm
Overall length: 6430/6500 mm
Overall width: 2220/2280 mm
Overall height (retracted position): 2530 mm
Empty weight in operation: 9000 kg


Electrical engine w/or w/out explosion proof kit
Emergency electro-pump
Special Handrail-Airbus Type
Other options are available on request