Madvac is a quiet, efficient and an easy to use equipment.

High Performance and Productivity

. Travels up to 6.5mph (10.5kph)
. Operates 8 to 10 hours on a single 10 litre tank of diesel ensuring uninterrupted shifts for higher productivity.
. Free-floating self-levelling brush nozzle system ensures consistently even coverage of unlevel surfaces, like cobblestones & flagged paving.
. 1.2m Sweeping swathe gives unparalleled swept coverage.
. Patented staight through suction compacts litter.

Environmentally Friendly

. Powered by an extra low emission, econmical 14hp Kubota liquid cooled diesel engine
. Combination water/disinfactant spray jet system. Disinfects soiled surfaces & removes animal waste hygienically into a seperate sealed container.
. The powerful engine allows high suction performance at lower engine speeds resulting in a quiet, efficient environmentally friendly machine.

Easy to service and maintain

. Easiest and most complete access for fast and efficient routine maintenance . Air intake for engine, radiator & oil cooler is situated away from dirty air, giving longer engine life. . Due to suction system the PS300 is easier & faster to clean - saving both time and money . Supported by the comprehensive global Johnston after sales network.

Comprehensive Range of Optional Equipment

2.44m long, this gives powerful suction performance to otherwise inaccessible areas such as bus shelters, tree wells and in between parked cars.

Hydraulic lift/lower of brushes & nozzle
Hydraulic lift/lower of brushes & nozzle for instant transfer from work to transit mode & vice versa from the control panel.

Fold and stow, ride on seat.
Complete with mirrors, this easily stowed seat is ideal for fast transit speeds (up to 10.5kph) and for working in more open, less confined spaces.

Dog excrement system
Completely sealed system quickly removes dog excrement safely from grass verges and public areas. Voice Messaging system

Voice Messaging system

Brief Technical Specification
Vacuum system: Litter does not pass through the vacuum fan. Patented straight-through suction with no restrictions. Vacuum air-stream flows through the collection bag in which the litter is compacted.
Bust Filtration: Two stage dust filtration through fibrous collection bag and four washable, heavy duty, quick change panel filters providing filtration down to 8 microns (2 microns option)
Sweeping width: Two (2) 457mm brushes covering a total width of 1.20m
Engine : Low-emission Kubota Z482-E twin-cylinder, 479-cc liquid- cooled diesel engine producing 13.9 BHP m(10.4 k.w) Electric starter
Transmission : Hydrostatic drive system. Piston pump with infinitly variable displacement in both forward and reverse. Two wheel motors.
Brake system : Dynamic braking on hydrostatic transmission. Hand-operated parking brake with automotive-type disc brakes on drive wheels.
Ground speed : Infinitely variable speed from 0 to 10.5 km/h in forward, and 0 to 5 km/h in reverse. Right and left-handed speed controls
Collection capacity : 150 Litres in re-usable collection bag which typically contains 225 Litres of compancted
Water capacity : 50L of water available for excessivley dusty environments and fire prevention.