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Ambulift Vehicles

The van body inside fitting out, owing to an appropriated anchoring device and 2 attendant's tip-up seats, allows the transfer of 4 wheelchairs or 2 stretchers in the best comfortable way.


Payload in the van body: 1.5Tons (3.300 lbs)
Aircraft docking height: 1600 mm to 5900 mm
Chassis: Mercedes,Volvo, Iveco,Renault...
Transmission: Manual or Automatic
Chassis G.V.W: 9 Tons ( 19.950 lbs )
Front platform displacement: 600 mm (24")
Rear van body opening: Sliding door
Front van body opening: Sliding door
Front platform payload: 400kg
Control boxes: Driver's cab & van body
Electricity: 24 VDC

Main Options :

Manual hand pump
Metallization of non-inox structures
Y coupling instead of straight coupling
Additional emptying 4" coupling
Hydraulic Rear Platform