Finlay Hydrascreens (Omagh) Limited are celebrating over 40 years manufacturing mobile screening, recycling, and washing plant systems. Finlay is now a world leader in this sector and is the pioneer of the mobile screening system starting off from a local work shop in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. The name Finlay is synonymous worldwide with high quality, high output, innovative products.

Company Information

The Finlay success story has been remarkable. In the early years success was mainly achieved in the "home" markets of Ireland and England. However this expansion was soon to spread overseas and now Finlay are represented in over 80 countries world-wide. To facilitate this expansion, Finlay has now centralized all its manufacturing to a 300,000 square foot factory in Omagh, Northern Ireland.

Finlay machines are utilized in a wide range of applications such as sand and gravel, crushed stone, coal, topsoil, bark, salt, diamonds etc.

Mobile equipment is much friendlier to the environment plus much more flexible to the producer which allows the processing machinery to be brought to the material and not vice-versa.
This flexibility saves both time and money.

In recent years environmental pressures and financial considerations have seen an increase in the recycling of construction materials. Recycling is becoming more and more important because of the shrinking of natural aggregate deposits and the limited space available to dispose of construction waste. Finlay Hydrascreens have responded to this crisis and are now at the forefront of the recycling business. Newly developed machines such as the Trommel and Hydragrid are increasingly being used because of their flexibility and ability to produce saleable products from what was once considered waste.

Finlay Hydrascreens are also renowned for their experience in washing applications. This section has experienced unparalleled success in the last few years. Operators are now getting pushed into dirtier and dirtier sand and gravel areas so dry screening will not suffice to meet specification. Finlay offers a complete range of mobile, semi-mobile and static washing systems. The range includes the unique Hydrasanders, Mobile Rinsers, and Logwashers. In addition recent years have seen the development of silt recovery systems as pressure grows on aggregate washing plants to deal with silt, which was previously dumped in expensive lagoon systems.


653 Supertrak663 Supertrak312 Hydrascreen
663 Supertrak390 Hydrascreen694 Supertrak
683 Supertrak390 Special883 Reclaimer


596 Swivel Trak770 Trak Trommel778 Trak Trommel
595 HydraTrak798 Trommel760 Trommel
790 Trommel883 Reclaimer


Perhaps the biggest boost screening has received is in the global move towards recycling, especially with the introduction of Government taxes on new dug material. Materials from domestic waste to building rubble are now being sorted and graded for re-use. Mobile equipment is particularly useful in recycling applications given the small size of many reclamation and demolition sites, or the short-term nature of recycling projects.

Trommel Applications Skip Waste
Top Soil
Demolition Waste
Washing Applications Silt, Sand and Gravel Plant

Screening Applications include quarrying, mining and any process industry where aggregates must be sorted, crushed, washed or recycled.

As the quarry face receded, the mine is exhausted or the process alters, static equipment becomes increasingly cumbersome and expensive, with long conveyor runs to even higher sorting towers and stockpiles. Mobile Screening equipment solves these problems as the screen moves to the raw material. It also makes extraction viable on small sites, short-term contracts or in urban areas.


426 Stockpiler532 StockpilerStatic Screens
Belt Feed Hoppers


SandmasterStatic ScreensMobile Rinsers