Johnston Sweepers - the world’s leading manufacturer of outdoor surface cleansing equipment. From litter collection machines and compact sweepers to truck-mounted units and specialist vehicles, Johnston sweepers are designed for ease of use, outstanding performance and the lowest possible cost of ownership.

Compact Range

As our cities become increasingly crowded, the Compact Range is ideally suited to a wide range of cleansing applications.

Designed for simplicity, performance and operator comfort, our Compacts deliver unbeatable power and productivity in a small, manoeuvrable machine. The narrowest and lowest machine in its class, the Johnston Compact gets you in and out of the tightest spaces with ease. Small dimensions and a short wheelbase combine for excellent manoeuvrability around street furniture, parked cars and other obstacles for maximum productivity and clearance efficiency.

The Compact Range also includes the Johnston 5000 Series. Equally at home in built-up town centres, industrial sites and residential areas, it gives you versatility, low emissions and class leading suction power.


Compact Street Washer

Based on our well established Compact 40 Sweeper, the Johnston Compact Street Washer gives you high performance, manoeuvrability and all round simplicity. Simple to operate, the Johnston Compact Street Washer has a low cost of ownership as its low engine rpm during washing conserves fuel, reduces wear & tear and extends the life of the machine. The Johnston Compact Washer comes with an 1800 litre heavy-duty polyethylene tank for greater operating capacity, while the powerful 85l/min, 60 bar water pump and standard 1300mm spray-bar deliver outstanding washing performance.

Optional equipment includes:
* Folding spray bar, extends from 1300mm to 2000mm, controlled from within the cab. * Telescopic spray bar extends from 1300mm to 3300mm controlled from within the cab. Spray bar is automatically stowed when out of work mode or when water tank is empty. * Side facing flusher nozzles for cleaning under cars and barriers. Independent spray lance and 15m hose reel. Deliver a powerful fan jet for washing pavements, bus shelters, signs or other street furniture. * Hydrant filling kit for filling up on the job and longer unbroken operational periods.

Compact 25/40/50

The compact range is also available with our unique Glide suspension system. The Glide suspension model is the first sweeper to have been tested for durability at the world famous Millbrook test circuit. With double coaxial coil springs controlled by gas over oil damper units and an anti-roll bar to minimise body roll, the Glide suspension ensures smoother operation and minimises operator fatigue - even over the longest periods. Minimised routine maintenance and easy access to key components cut servicing and downtime, while simple components and systems make the Compact the easiest machine to maintain in its class.

Compact 25/40/50
Available in transit speeds of 25, 40 and 50km/h, the 1.8m3 capacity Compact is the narrowest and lowest machine in its class, giving access to areas other machines can't reach. Small dimensions and a short wheelbase allow excellent manoeuvrability, while the 4t GVM and footprint make it ideally suited to use on paving and other delicate surfaces. The unique sweepgear configuration ensures the efficient clearance of debris from beneath cars, benches and other obstacles. Similarly, the reverse sweeping feature allows complete clearance of 90° corners, blind alleys and dead ends. The Compact Range is designed to keep costs low too. Strong suction performance at low engine speeds significantly reduces wear on key components and maximises fuel efficiency, whilst speeds of up to 50 km/h maximise the productive time on-site.

Power and Comfort
The Compact is driven by the powerful 2.8 litre VM Detroit Diesel 494 HT3 engine, which comfortably meets Euro 3 emissions legislation. High torque at low revs results in the extended life of driven components and low noise operation, making it suitable for use in built up, highly populated areas. The cab is designed to make the Johnston Compact light, spacious and comfortable to operate. Fully integrated controls are clustered according to function, making familiarisation and operation simple. The large glazed area gives excellent all round visibility, generous legroom, an air suspension driver's seat for enhanced operation.

Optional equipment includes:
Glide suspension system for increased operator comfort; turntable mounted 3.7m wanderhose; high-pressure hand lance and 10m of recoiling hose. Fan & pencil nozzles; leaf nozzle for the collection of bulky debris; rear mounted camera system with in-cab monitor.

5000 Series

5000 Series

Designed and built for the most demanding municipal environments, the Johnston 5000 Series gives you versatility, low emissions and class leading suction power. Equally at home in built-up town centres, industrial sites and residential areas, the 5000 Series has the capability and build quality to easily withstand the heaviest contractor applications. At just 7.5 tonnes GVM, the 5000 Series is the lightest vehicle in its class, making it ideal for 'low pressure' surfaces such as paving. A width of only 1650mm, a short wheelbase and an acute steering lock allow unparalleled access the narrowest of paths and walkways, while the sweepgear configuration of two 1000mm front mounted brushes has been designed for the efficient cleaning of blind alleys and 90° corners.

High Speed Performance
Sweeping at speeds of up to 16km/h, the 3300mm maximum brush reach places debris in front of the side sliding nozzle for optimum pick-up performance.With powerful suction equal to that of much larger truck-mounted units, even the heaviest debris is removed in a single pass. Large fuel and water tanks further increase on-site work periods, while the standard cruise-control feature reduces operator effort. The 5000 Series also has a road speed of 80km/h - far quicker than other machines in its class. This enables it to travel quickly between locations, allowing you to sweep a greater number of sites. To provide the most comfortable drive possible, power assisted steering and full automotive style suspension are fitted as are disc brakes all-round.

Optimum Ergonomics

The 5000 Series cab provides an optimum combination of ergonomics, simplicity and fingertip control. A fully adjustable steering column and a 'full air suspension' operator seat deliver a class leading level of driveability. All switches and controls are clustered according to function and the unique 'SUPERJET' control system provides seamless switching between sweeping and driving modes. The large tinted windscreen and floor glass provide an all-round view of brushes and nozzles for safe and effective operation. Optional equipment includes: 1800mm high dump option, allowing tipping into standard skips; Supawash with hand lance and spraybar; 4000mm, side mounted Littasnatch; turntable mounted 5.9m wanderhose; rear mounted camera system with in-cab monitor.


Truck-mounted V Range

Designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding municipal and contractor applications, the new Johnston V Range is an evolution of our successful 600 Series - the best selling model in its class worldwide.

Equally at home on municipal street cleansing or heavier duty work sites the V Range delivers consistently high pick-up performance - even on contractor duties such as road planing and dirt pick-up around construction sites and access roads.

Available in dual or single sweep configuration, the maximum 3.6m swept path ensures superb coverage per hour - and with high capacity hoppers, water systems and fuel tanks, the V Range is designed to stay at work for longer.

Mounted to the subframe, the hydraulically operated sweeping system is designed to prolong the life of the brush and reduces the cost of ownership. Both channel and wide-sweep brush installations feature quick-change mechanisms which reduce downtime between changeovers. All twin -engined VT Range sweepers are powered by a dedicated high performance auxiliary engine. The single engined VS Range utilises Johnston's hydrodrive gearbox which provides infinitely variable forward speed control. All sweeping operations are controlled from the master module inside the cab, while all critical systems controls - including the master circuit breaker plus the valves and auxiliary equipment for the pneumatic, hydraulic and water systems - are housed in a purpose-built, dust and weatherproof locker. The V Range also comes with waterproof IP67 automotive electrical connectors to enhance reliability.

With a heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant stainless steel body, Johnston's V Range is robustly built for unrivalled durability.

With many years experience of sweeper hopper design coupled with scientific research, Johnston have developed a unique hopper void which creates a cyclone effect within the hopper for the most efficient filtering of dust and debris particles prior to discharge through filter mesh screens to atmosphere. This unique design is a standard feature of all Johnston V sweepers.

* Littasnatch

Specially developed to pick up light litter from pavements and hedgerows. With a lightweight, easy to operate flexible hose and nozzle, it can reach up to 7 metres. * Supawash

A high pressure water system for faster cleaning of gulleys and drains using a hose and hand lance. Water can also be diverted to a front-mounted full-width spray bar or suction nozzle to help remove stubborn road debris. * Powascrub

This wide sweep-brush ground pressure device enables the extra scarifaction of compacted debris. * Load de-watering

With increases in waste tipping charges, this option ensures that you only pay for waste volume, not unnecessary water volume. * Water recirculation

This significantly increases sweeping productivity by allowing greater distances to be swept before the tank needs to be refilled. Water recirculation not available on VT/S500. * Rear mesh shakers

A fast and effective method of clearing damp paper and leaves from suction meshes. * Euro 3 auxiliary engine

With extended service intervals for reduced downtime and greater vehicle availability. Supplied as standard on VT800. * Wanderhose

Available in 150 and 200mm diameters, this rigid, turntable-mounted hose with a flexible extension enables cleaning over a wide 3.35m radius.


Specialist Applications

Construction & Industrial

Johnston Sweepers manufactures a range of sweeping systems for a wide variety of specialist applications. From road planing, construction sites, tunnel washing and drain asphalt cleansing to a comprehensive range of spraying, sweeping and surface scraping applications, our Specialist Vehicles are individually specified to meet the requirements of the most demanding operating environments.

To discuss your requirements - and for a solution to your particular specialist application - click the link above to contact us. We'll be pleased to help.