For over 30 years, Rotodyne has operated in the field of design, development, manufacture and maintenance of aircraft and helicopters ground support equipments both for production lines and end users. We develop special tools and maintenance equipment based on customer requirements for both civil and military applications. Our units have been chosen by AgustaWestland as OEM equipments for the support of their helicopters and are utilized in all their production lines and distributed through its commercial network. Our products are distributed all over the world through selected dealers. Our products have been used to support the development of new aircraft at the main world manufacturers such asAgustaWestland, AleniaAermacchi, Piaggio Aero, NHI, Airbus Helicopters, Lockheed Martin. Rotodyne, to increase the maximum efficiency in the use of its equipments, promotes at its own premises, training session (course) for operators and maintainers, on the same equipments that they will use at their operation and maintenance facilities.

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Compressor Washing Equipments

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Oleo Dynamic Equipments

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